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Kajabity Tools, Java Properties Updates and Fixes.

I’ve just fixed a couple of bugs raised by users against Kajabity.Tools.Java on GitHub. While I clearly missed the first (raised last December!) the second was the trigger for me to launch into action. Kajabity.Tools.Java provides a C# implementation of standard Java .properties file handling. I released it as an Open Source project and published Read More

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A use case diagram describing the features of Kajabity.DocForms as a set of Use cases within a boundary. An actor named Windows Application User uses use cases with an application boundary which invoke the Kajabity.DocForms use cases.

Kajabity.DocForms 0.2 Released – Windows Desktop App Framework

Kajabity.DocForms is a simple framework for file based windows desktop applications in .net.  The Form, Document and Document Manager classes support creating, loading and saving files with recent file handling, save before closing if modified, drag and drop files and backups. Kajabity.DocForms is Open Source under the Apache 2.0 Licence and is available as Sources and Read More

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Kajabity Tools Version 0.4 Released – Strongly Named, Deployed to and GitHub Releases

Kajabity Tools (for C#) is a free, Open Source collection of software utility classes for .NET applications. Version 0.4 introduces some key structural changes, a small number of new features and several bug fixes. Full details are available on the Kajabity Tools pages. This release was prompted by requests, suggestions and contributions from Ivaylo Slavov and Read More

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SDI Forms Classes

Kajabity Tools for C# Version 0.3 Released – Adding SDI Form and Document Classes

I’ve had the code for a while and I’m using it for a few of my own projects so when a comment on Loading XML in C# with XML Serialisation asked when it was going to be published, I thought I’d better get on with it. So here it is, Release 0.3 of Kajabity Tools Read More

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Kajabity Tools for C# Version 0.2 Released – Adding CSV File Handling and NUnit Tests

I have released version 0.2 of Kajabity Tools for C# which has a bug fix for JavaProperties and adds CSV file handling.  I’ve also added some initial unit tests (with NUnit) in a separate project folder. To be honest, the code has been sitting on my laptop for over a year and I’ve only been Read More

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Kajabity Tools (for C#) version 0.1 Released

At last, I’ve finally managed to put together a release of the Kajabity Tools – this version just includes a completely rewritten JavaProperties class allowing a C# application to correctly load and store Java style properties from a “.properties” file. For more details see Kajabity Tools. The Kajabity file contains: Kajabity Tools DLL – Read More

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Loading Java Properties Files in C#

Java style properties files are not supported in C# – so here is a class that reads and writes Java “.properties” files.

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