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Kajabity YearChart v0.3 Released: Print Any Date Range

Version 0.3 of Kajabity YearChart is now available for download. Key new features are: – Print any range of dates from 1 day to 5 years so you can create: – Academic Year Planners Financial Year Planners Project Charts Extra Columns – with better handling of both extra rows and columns. Print within maximum page Read More

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The Making of … Kajabity YearChart – Part 1

I am really proud of Kajabity YearChart because it is the first time I have produced a complete application all on my own and published it. Oh, I know it’s hardly a world shattering innovation – it doesn’t do very much and it’s not particularly “cool” to capture the imagination (and idle fingers) of teenagers.  Read More

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Kajabity YearChart version 0.2 Released

Kajabity YearChart produces a simple Chart for any year that you can print. This is the first public release of Kajabity YearChart – previously an internal “toy”. Go to the Download page YearChart Home page

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