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Microsoft Word Stops Working on Opening or Saving a File

This week, I’ve had a problem with Microsoft Word 2010.  Possibly, but not definitely related to having just installed Windows 8. Every time I tried to open an existing Word document a dialog popped up saying Word has Stopped Working. Again, Googled and found various bits of advice including a detailed article from Microsoft (which Read More

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“Unhide” Columns in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

So, last week I received an Excel spreadsheet in an email and I needed to extract some data and make some changes. I created a new spreadsheet and copied the cells into it and started working on it. The following day I came back to it and noticed that the first column (A) wasn’t showing.  Read More

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Paste Unformatted Text in Microsoft Word – Without Errors!

How to add a macro to Microsoft Word to paste unformatted text without causing a run-time error 5342 when you paste an image from the clipboard.

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Recovering a Saved Email Attachment in Outlook

  Yesterday (Friday)  I did one of those painful little tricks that we all do now and again. I had spent most of the last two days filling in a spreadsheet with data that I had been researching for an application. The spreadsheet was embedded in an email, but, because I had spent so long Read More

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