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I use a number of different cookies on this site. If you do not know what cookies are then I recommend you visit for an explanation and how to control or remove them.

The following table describes the cookies used on this site and what they are used for:

Cookies Description
WordPress Most of the site is driven by WordPress blogging software. When you post a comment WordPress may store the details you provide in a cookie in your browser to save you typing them again if you post another comment.

You can find out more about how WordPress uses cookies for Users (so that’s me) and Commenters (you, if you leave a comment) at

Google Analytics Google Analytics helps me count the number of people who visit and

You can find out more about Google’s position on privacy as regards its analytics service at

Google AdSense You can find out more generally about Google and its policies and principles as regards advertising at
Cookie Notification I use a cookie to remember that you have been shown the Cookie notification – so that you don’t see it every single time you view a page on the site (which could be quite annoying).