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Kajabity Tools, Java Properties Updates and Fixes.

I’ve just fixed a couple of bugs raised by users against Kajabity.Tools.Java on GitHub. While I clearly missed the first (raised last December!) the second was the trigger for me to launch into action.

Kajabity.Tools.Java provides a C# implementation of standard Java .properties file handling. I released it as an Open Source project and published to the NuGet Gallery back in 2017.

The first indicated that the code didn’t handle line wrapping within a Unicode escape sequence. The second highlighted a problem with how the code handled standard character encoding. It turned out I’d managed to use the wrong one when I originally wrote it.

Back to Work

I’ve not touched the code (or most of my other projects) in more than 2 years. More recent changes have been gratefully received from other contributors) so it was a bit of an adventure to restore the project and get it all up and running again. Most of my recent development has been in Java on a MacBook using IntelliJ, so the switch back to Visual Studio was quite a culture shock. In addition, I struggled with conversion to Visual Studio 2019 and had to revert back to 2017 (a task for later, no doubt).

It is often the case when you look at existing code that there is a small shudder of horror (who wrote this rubbish) and that is never truer than when looking back at your own code! In this case, I was disappointing to see that I’d left the code with many of the reader unit tests incomplete and writer tests almost totally absent. Most of the effort was to add those.

A few other updates made to the project and it’s good to go at version 0.3.

I’ve noted a few other features and tasks remaining and will add to a large backlog of plans and ideas for the future.

So now, the fire is re-lit, and hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of updating these projects.

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2 comments on “Kajabity Tools, Java Properties Updates and Fixes.”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for your work. I like your Java properties implementation since many years and now I use it directly from Nuget.

    1. Thanks, Sebastian. Glad it’s helped you.

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