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How To Create and Publish a NuGet Package

Introduction In this article I will walk through the process for writing and publishing a .NET NuGet package to It can be quite fiddly to work with NuGets so, I’ve created a new project to establish a simple end-to-end approach and will apply lessons learned to my other packages. I have used Microsoft Visual Read More

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Adding Calendar Events to Google Calendar in C#

I’ve replaced a custom event page for the Thistle Society with a list extracted dynamically from a Google Calendar. Following on from the previous article, Loading XML in C# with XML Serialisation, I needed to upload the events into the Google Calendar from my C# application (Event Manager). To do this, first spend hours scouring Read More

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Loading XML in C# with XML Serialisation

The problem – I have a lot of event details for a local club in an XML file and I wanted to load them into a C# application which will import them into a Google Calendar (see my earlier article to understand why). I originally started to write a C# application to maintain the events Read More

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Embedding Google Calendar Events in a Club Web Site

I maintain a web site for a Scottish Country Dancing group, Thistle Society Wigan (  As part of this I need to update the list of forthcoming events for the society and this can be quite time consuming. So I wondered if I could find a way to simplify the way events were maintained – Read More

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Kajabity Tools (for C#) version 0.1 Released

At last, I’ve finally managed to put together a release of the Kajabity Tools – this version just includes a completely rewritten JavaProperties class allowing a C# application to correctly load and store Java style properties from a “.properties” file. For more details see Kajabity Tools. The Kajabity file contains: Kajabity Tools DLL – Read More

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Problems With PageSetupDialog And Metric Margins

When I first wrote Year Chart (before I decided to publish it online) the printing seemed so easy – a print dialog, print preview dialog and a page setup dialog.  I defaulted the margins to half an inch and had the Year Chart panel draw onto the printer page.  Simple! This worked fine in my Read More

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Loading Java Properties Files in C#

Java style properties files are not supported in C# – so here is a class that reads and writes Java “.properties” files.

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The Making of … Kajabity YearChart – Part 1

I am really proud of Kajabity YearChart because it is the first time I have produced a complete application all on my own and published it. Oh, I know it’s hardly a world shattering innovation – it doesn’t do very much and it’s not particularly “cool” to capture the imagination (and idle fingers) of teenagers.  Read More

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