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Kajabity Tools for C# Version 0.2 Released – Adding CSV File Handling and NUnit Tests

I have released version 0.2 of Kajabity Tools for C# which has a bug fix for JavaProperties and adds CSV file handling.  I’ve also added some initial unit tests (with NUnit) in a separate project folder.

To be honest, the code has been sitting on my laptop for over a year and I’ve only been prompted into action after an email from David Tanner offered a correction for duplicate entry errors in the Java Properties reader (the bug fix).

I decided to write the CSV file handling classes for another small project I was working on and so made use of the same parser approach I used for the Java Properties parser – an Augmented Transition Network (ATN) Parser.

To make life easier for those who wish to use the code, I’ve uploaded it to GitHub (

For more details see Kajabity Tools.

The Kajabity Tools version 0.2 zip file file contains:

  • Kajabity Tools DLL – this can be included in a project’s references.
  • Sources for Kajabity Tools – including JavaProperties, CsvReader, CsvWriter, and associated classes.
  • Documentation Help File – generated help file from the code comments.
  • License, Notice – a copy of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Kajabity Tools is an Open Source project released under Apache License, Version 2.0.

Coming Soon…

As I’ve already written them… the next release will include a set of basic “Windows Forms” based classes which implement the usual file based menu operations and associated Document handling classes.

These I’ve used to create a series of simple applications which illustrate the use of the Java Properties and CSV classes – and various others.

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