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My First Couple of Weeks with Windows 8 Pro

After a couple of weeks using the newly released Windows 8 on my new Laptop I’m ready to pass on my experiences and offer a few tips. I briefly tried Windows 8 preview a few months ago – but there was nothing that got me excited and, running in a VM, it was painfully slow. Read More

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Black Blinking Cursor at Start-up on my New Dell Laptop

I’ve had a few problems with my new Laptop – they appear to have started when I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate.  But, now I’ve fixed it so I’ll pass on my experiences. The install wasn’t quite smooth and said it had failed – but on a restart, everything seemed Read More

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Activation Failed With Error code: 0x800000C2

Just a quick note for anyone who suffers the same problem when they update to Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 to say what solutions I tried and which one, with the help of the Kaspersky Support folks, finally worked. I saw the warnings (about to expire) and bought myself a 3 PC licence – but waited Read More

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Join a Windows Domain and Keep Local User Profile

This week, I joined my Windows 7 laptop to my Windows SBS 2011 domain. I have been using a local user “Simon” but also have a domain user “Simon” so, quite naturally, I wanted to join them together in some way so that all the stuff and settings I had built up with the local Read More

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A Busy Summer

As you might work out I’ve had a bit of a busy summer and haven’t had much time to spend writing articles for my blog – which is frustrating because of the number of things I’ve wanted to write about. In this Post I’ll summarise it as a way of drawing a line under it Read More

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Windows 7 Can’t Access Windows Server Shares

OK, I said I was chuffed with Windows 7 – but there was one problem that caused me some agro – accessing my other computers’ shared drives on the network. I was somewhat disappointed when I realised that it insisted on joining this “HomeGroup” – of course I had purchased the upgrade to Home Premium Read More

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I’ve Re-built My Inspiron 8600 Laptop: Windows 7 Dual Booted With Ubuntu Linux 10.4

I thought this might be of interest to anyone else who is trying to do a similar task…  I bought the laptop in April 2004, Windows XP Professional and a 40 GB HDD, and I’ve rebuilt it a couple of times and upgraded it with a 120 GB Hard Disk and more memory. Recently, however, Read More

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Windows Vista: Can’t Access Internet after Update

My daughter complained this evening that she couldn’t access the internet again on her Vista laptop – “again” because this is the second time this has happened.  A month or so ago she came with the same problem and the fix turned out to be to remove one of the Windows Updates. More precisely, the Read More

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Windows Shortcut to Faster Delete

I’ve been getting quite annoyed with Windows XP recently because every time I try to delete files in Windows Explorer it takes minutes or even hours – sometimes even for one small file. Until today, I’ve resorted to using a command prompt and using del <filename> or rmdir /s <directory> to delete it. This works Read More

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