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Kajabity YearChart v0.3 Released: Print Any Date Range

Version 0.3 of Kajabity YearChart is now available for download.

Key new features are: –

  • Print any range of dates from 1 day to 5 years so you can create: –
    • Academic Year Planners
    • Financial Year Planners
    • Project Charts
  • Extra Columns – with better handling of both extra rows and columns.
  • Print within maximum page bounds for the printer (fixes a bug in version 0.2).

For full details of the changes have a look at the Release Notes page.

Year Chart v0.3 Screen Shot - a 2 year planner, April-April

This release adds a few of the enhancements I thought were missing from the previous release.  I had planned to release it before the beginning of the new School term – but the printing issues proved harder to solve than I thought.  Still I learned a lot – and I plan to put it all into a posting in the near future.

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