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Download Kajabity Tools

On this page you can download the latest version of Kajabity Tools for C#.

Accessing The Code and Binaries

Kajabity Tools is available in several different forms:

Version 0.4

This is the latest release prompted by requests, suggestions and contributions from Ivaylo Slavov and Frederik Carlier.

Added Features

  • New Java properties method and supporting unit tests to read files in Unicode or other non-default encodings to support non Latin 1 languages.  Contributed by Ivaylo Slavov.
  • Added a CsvConstants class  to hold various shared constants.
  • Make the Quote character a property – so it can be read/changed.  Added supporting unit tests.

Defects Fixed

  • Fixed bug in CSV Quote limit – now quotes empty fields if limit < 0.
  • Call newDocument in SDIForm_Load to ensure no null pointers when saving.
  • Corrected the spelling of ‘Limited’ in all files.

And in Samples:

  • TextEditor – Fixed a bug when saving new file.
  • CsvEditor – Set the default document name.
  • CsvEditor – Fix bug in ‘New’ where rows is null.

Other Changes

  • Kajabity Tools DLL is now a Strongly Named assembly – see Strongly Named Assemblies (MSDN).
  • Added NuGet specification file to package Kajabity Tools DLL as a NuGet.  Changed the Assembly name to ‘Kajabity.Tools’ to work with NuGet.
  • Introduced AppVeyor continuous integration builds with automatic deployment to GitHub Releases and
  • Added a Visual Studio solution file to drive AppVeyor build.
  • Updated NUnit to version 3 from version 2 – requiring some changes to the test classes.
  • Removed pointless ConsoleTest project.
  • Moved documentation to WordPress pages from v0.4 rather than Maven generated site for v0.3.
  • Updates to files.


Download compiled v0.4 binaries at

Sources for v0.4 are available at

The package is available on at

Version 0.3

This release adds a Windows SDI Form and Document classes.

Added Features

  • Added SDI Form and Document classes.
  • Added sample applications.

Defects Fixed

  • Fixed a bug in CSV Writer where it didn’t update ‘escapeChars’ when the separator was changed. As a result, CsvWriter.Separator is now a property rather than a member variable.

Other Changes

  • Some tidying up and improvements to comments and documentation.
  • Added a few more NUnit tests.


Version Date Size Download
0.3 9th October 2015 344K Kajabity

Version 0.2

In this release I’ve added CSV file handling, fixed a bug in JavaPropertiesReader and introduced some NUnit tests in a separate project.

Added Features

  • CsvReader – a class to read comma separated values (CSV) from aStream . The class can either read an entire file or one field or record at a time.
  • CsvWriter – a class to write comma separated values (CSV) to a Stream . The class can either write an entire file or one field or record at a time.

Defects Fixed

  • Duplicate Handling – Fixed an error which caused an exception when a duplicate property was read in JavaPropertiesReader. Adding a duplicate key will now set the key’s value to the last one read from the file.

Other Changes

  • Kajabity Tools.Test project – contains a number of NUnit test classes to test the Java Properties and CSV classes. The project also includes a number of sample “.csv” and “.properties” files.


Version Date Size Download
0.2 6 th February 2014 172K Kajabity

Version 0.1

This is the first released version with the following features: –

  • JavaProperties – a class providing similar functionality to the JavaProperties class. Based on Hashtable , it stores a collection of StringKey/Value pairs. It is able to load and store the properties to and from aStream .

Known Defects

The following defects have been identified in this version of Kajabity Tools:

  • Duplicate properties cause an exception to be thrown.


Version Date Size Download
0.1 1 st December 2009 80K Kajabity


Kajabity Tools for C# is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.