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CSV Reader/Writer Classes

The CSV Reader/Writer classes are shown in the UML Class Diagram below (with private members hidden for clarity):

Class Diagram (UML) showing the Kajabity.Tools.Csv class relationships.

The classes are: –

  • CsvReader – a C# class that can read a whole CSV format file or read individual fields or lines one at a time. If you read individual fields or lines, the next read (field, line or rest of file) starts from where the last read left off.
  • CsvWriter – this class is the reverse of the CsvReader class, providing methods to write individual fields, rows or a whole array of string arrays to a Stream (or file).
  • CsvParseException – this exception is thrown if the contents of the Stream being read by CsvReader are invalid.
  • CsvConstants – a supporting class defining common defaults for both reader and writer classes.