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Google Calendar API Returns 403 Forbidden – A Quick Fix

OK, so I just noticed (rather late) that the Events view on the web site I look after isn’t working – it’s blank.

After lots of trial and error – and then some Googling, the answer turns out to be that the V2 Google API I was using (Oh, is that what it is?) has been deprecated.

So, when I explained how I used the calendar API from a PHP script to return calendar entries in Displaying Google Calendar Events on a Club Web Site I changed the default “REST” URL from …/basic/… to …/full/….

I’ve checked, and the basic version still works, but several of the values I extract from XML fields in the response are now lumped into the COntent field as text with markup (“<br />”).

Anyway, I’ve applied this quick and dirty fix to the site – and the sample code – but now I need to fix it a bit better…

See the updated sample at:

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