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Windows Installers for Apache Maven 2 and 3

I’ve updated the installer for Apache Maven 2 – and created a similar one for Apache Maven 3.

More usefully, perhaps, I’ve uploaded the sources for them both to GitHub.

I’ve also included a Java version check – first of a list of features I thought might be useful – and a set of README files to try and explain the sources and how to build it.

Apache Maven is fairly easy to install normally, but these installers ensure it runs smoothly and, perhaps offer a way for businesses to deploy it to specific staff desktops – perhaps in more locked down environments.  If combined with an internal Repository Manager this allows Apache Maven to be used effectively in restricted development environments.

Links to the sources on GitHub and to download ready built WiX Installers for Windows are available on the Java Installers for Windows page.

Let me know if you find the installers useful, or have any suggested corrections or improvements.

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