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Release Notes

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This page describes the changes for each version of Kajabity YearChart – added features and fixed bugs.

Version 0.3

An updated release with improved printing and the ability to create day-by-day charts for any date range spanning from 1 day to 5 years.


  1. Chart Configuration
    • Chart can now cover a range of dates: –
      • Using From and To dates or a single Year (1st January to 31st December).
      • Allows academic, financial or any other year or range of dates to be entered.
      • Date range can be anything from 1 day to 5 years.
      • From and To dates automatically adjust to stay within that range.
    • Improved Extra Rows handling: –
      • Headings drawn with heading background.
      • Modify, Move Up/Down.
      • Limited to 10 extra rows.
    • Added Extra Columns with equivalent functionality.
    • Abbreviated headings option – shows Month and Day names trimmed to 3 characters.
    • Grid has a thicker border, thicker lines around headings and a thick line before extra rows/columns.
    • Display Kajabity domain name at top of chart.


    • Fixed printer bounds handling: –
      • Check maximum printable area and alert user if outside – then automatically correct.
      • Print Preview shows correctly adjusted margin position.
      • Printed chart correctly adjusted margin positions.


    • Display application version.
    • Display .NET Framework version (shows lowest version installed, not necessarily current executing version).


    • Help extended and improved: –
      • Updated to cover new and modified features.
      • General corrections and improvements.
      • Added examples with screenshots.


    • Improved design of the YearChart model and calculation.
    • Headings retrieved using DateTimeInfo class – may provide rudimentary internationalization.
    • Added upgrade handling to installer.


Bugs Fixed

  1. Page margins corrected if outside printable area of printer.
  2. Page margins shown correctly in both print preview and on printed page.


Known Problems

  1. Headings and day labels don’t scale with charts – so small charts have cramped text, but on large charts the text is too small.
  2. .NET version in About dialog may not be the current executing version – i.e. the version the application is running on.


Version 0.2

This is the first public release of Kajabity YearChart.


  1. Added an installer – application delivered as a “.msi” Microsoft Windows installer.
  2. Completely rewritten using SharpDevelop.
  3. Look and Feel updated.
  4. Menu rewritten to use more standard naming conventions.
  5. Double click the YearChart panel opens Options dialog.
  6. Added HTML Help with a link in the Help menu.
  7. Added About dialog linked via Help menu.
  8. Added a small margin around the displayed chart.
  9. Created a “Logo” which is used in the about dialog and as the application and window icon.


Bugs Fixed

  1. Page margins change when using Page Setup Regional Settings for the system specify Metric units. See PageSetupDialog.EnableMetric Property.


Known Problems

  1. If margins are set too small the edges of the chart may be outside the printer bounds – resulting in missing edges. This does not show up in the print preview.


Version 0.1

This is the original implementation of YearChart written at the beginning of 2004 using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and only available my for personal use.

  • Simple Windows .NET Framework application.
  • Options dialog allows selection of Year, Title and Addition of Extra Rows with labels.
  • Set page margins for printed page.
  • Print Preview shows how the printed page will look.

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