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Microsoft Word Stops Working on Opening or Saving a File

This week, I’ve had a problem with Microsoft Word 2010.  Possibly, but not definitely related to having just installed Windows 8. Every time I tried to open an existing Word document a dialog popped up saying Word has Stopped Working. Again, Googled and found various bits of advice including a detailed article from Microsoft (which Read More

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Black Blinking Cursor at Start-up on my New Dell Laptop

I’ve had a few problems with my new Laptop – they appear to have started when I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate.  But, now I’ve fixed it so I’ll pass on my experiences. The install wasn’t quite smooth and said it had failed – but on a restart, everything seemed Read More

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“Error establishing a database connection” With XAMP, MySQL and WordPress

Thought some people might find it useful to see how I managed to solve this… So, this week I determined to do a little more work on the code for this blog – a new plugin.  However, as I have recently updated my laptop I needed to re-install all the tools – Eclipse, Ant, XAMPP Read More

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Test Drive Apache Maven on Your Existing Projects

In the past, I have found the easiest way to get to grips with a new build tool is to give it a try on a project – new or existing. In this article I will describe how you can test drive Apache Maven by using as a build tool for one of your existing Read More

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“Unhide” Columns in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

So, last week I received an Excel spreadsheet in an email and I needed to extract some data and make some changes. I created a new spreadsheet and copied the cells into it and started working on it. The following day I came back to it and noticed that the first column (A) wasn’t showing.  Read More

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Activation Failed With Error code: 0x800000C2

Just a quick note for anyone who suffers the same problem when they update to Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 to say what solutions I tried and which one, with the help of the Kaspersky Support folks, finally worked. I saw the warnings (about to expire) and bought myself a 3 PC licence – but waited Read More

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jQuery, nth-child selector and Chrome or Safari Browsers

I’m in the middle of adding new functionality to the Wicked Text jQuery plugin and, to keep the code standard high, I have created a simple Unit Test page. I had a problem with the nth-child selector in Chrome and Safari browsers and thought you might find my solution useful.  But not before I’ve done Read More

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jQuery Plugins Site Problem Led Me To Rename Wiki Text to Wicked Text

I actually spotted it first on a Twitter post – the jQuery Plugins site had been deleted (explained here).  Crazy!  So much for my Wiki Text jQuery Plugin. However, the jQuery blog posts explained that they were hoping to move to a new model for publishing jQuery Plugins to their site – using GitHub and Read More

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Automating JsDoc with Apache Ant

In my previous post I described how I got started using JsDoc to generate some documentation for the Wiki Text jQuery Plugin. Running JsDoc on the command line is nice on occasion but in any serious development environment (or my dodgy old laptop) it needs to be incorporated as part of the automated build. Therefore, Read More

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How I Introduced JsDoc into a JavaScript project – and found my Eclipse Outline

In this article I’ll tell you how I integrated JsDoc into the Wiki Text project to publish JavaDoc style documentation and at the same time solved the strange problem of a missing Outline view in Eclipse IDE. The Problem While I was developing the Wiki Text jQuery plugin I had a couple of problems I Read More

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