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Apple iPhone Email with Vodafone, Virgin Media and Outlook 2003

–> See An Update on iPhone Email Settings with Vodafone and Virgin Media for a better and more up to date solution! It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally managed to get my email working properly (send and receive) on my iPhone.  The initial setup was relatively easy (my teenage daughter did it for me) but Read More

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I’ve Re-built My Inspiron 8600 Laptop: Windows 7 Dual Booted With Ubuntu Linux 10.4

I thought this might be of interest to anyone else who is trying to do a similar task…  I bought the laptop in April 2004, Windows XP Professional and a 40 GB HDD, and I’ve rebuilt it a couple of times and upgraded it with a 120 GB Hard Disk and more memory. Recently, however, Read More

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