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An Update on iPhone Email Settings with Vodafone and Virgin Media

I wrote a while ago about setting up my email on my iPhone – it worked, then it didn’t work and then it worked and…

Until tonight it didn’t work – I could receive emails fine, but it wouldn’t send them out.  From my original Virgin Media account settings, the outgoing SMTP server didn’t work – so I used the server.  This worked fine for a short while and then stopped.  It took me a while to realise and a couple of months before I eventually found time to fix it (and blog about it).

Vodafone now asks you to create an account with Vodafone 360 but that if your provider has an acceptable level of security you can go straight through to them.  See Vodafone Help.

At the same time Virgin Media have moved over to a more secure email connection.  See Virgin Media Help.

So I switched the iPhone to use the new SMTP settings for Virgin Media (it’s confusing ‘cause they both start with V).

So, either re-synchronising from Outlook or using the Settings iPhone app (Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars) either “Add Account…” or select your existing account (I’ve appended the name “(Secure)” just to differentiate) you can set up the email as follows: –

POP Account Information

Account: On

Name: (put your name here – e.g. “Simon J. Williams”)

Address: (put your email address here – e.g. “”)

Description: (a name for the service – e.g. “ (Secure)”)

Incoming Mail server

Host Name:

User Name: (I still put the “recent:” bit in and it works – haven’t tried without).

Password: MyP455word (for example – I’m not daft enough to put the real one here!)

Outgoing Mail Server

SMTP (and Primary Server):

Other SMTP Servers: turn off.

Server: On

Outgoing Mail Server (next)

Host Name (as above)

User Name: (same as POP3 user name above – but I didn’t include the “recent:” part)

Password: (same as POP3 password above)

Use SSL: On

Authentication: Password

Server Port: 465

Advanced (back on the Account Info screen)

Deleted Messages – Remove: Never

Incomming Settings (i.e. for POP3)

Use SSL: On

Authentication: Password

Delete from server: Never (it doesn’t anyway)

Server Port: 995

I hope this helps someone – I’m glad I’m able to use email again – for a while!

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