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Apple iPhone Web Site Icons

A colleague mentioned the BBC iPlayer for the iPhone – so I tried it.  Not bad!  He also mentioned that he had the icon on his home screen – just like an App.  I had a play and that’s when I found out what the “Add to Home Screen” button meant when you click the “+” button to bookmark a web page.

Well, I had to try it for my blog.  Hmm, that wasn’t quite as good – just a microscopic peep at my home page.  I wanted to know how the BBC had managed to add that iconic icon for the iPlayer!

I found How to create a custom Apple iPhone icon for your Web site that explained it all – and, after a bit of fiddling to make the original Kajabity log fit properly, I now have a much nicer 158×158 PNG icon file for my web site.  As he points out, the icon corners are rounded – so I modified the icon to give it a reasonable match to the rounded edges. 

iPhone Home Screen (6th page) showing the iPhone icon.

The picture shows the icon (a big red “k") along with the WordPress iPhone app (I’ve not used it much yet, but it looks interesting).  I got the picture using the Home button and Power button as he describes – it didn’t work at first, but when I did it fairly quickly it worked fine.

As it looks quite good (well, I think so), I plan on modifying the remaining site icons in the same way.  The site needs a makeover anyway – but I’m not enough of an artist to create something that looks as stunning as I want (and too stingy to pay someone else to do it).

Feel free to add the link to your iPhone!

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