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It’s Time for a Clear Out

Apparently, I have too much stuff.

The attic is full to bursting, there’s no room in the shed to potter, and I can barely squeeze a single shirt into the wardrobe. So I have to get rid of some of it so that my wife has somewhere to keep all her old handbags “till she can get around to emptying them” or maintain a barely adequate number of shoes to suit all occasions.

The trouble is we’ve already been through this several times over – and when we last moved house we threw out at least a skip load (much of it going to charity shops). Most of the real junk has gone and what’s left has lingering sentimental value, is bound to come in useful sometime, or “will do for the grandkids” (we’re talking many years in the future, you understand).  Another excuse is that much of it is just too good to give away!

However, the solution is at hand – eBay. My dad has been using it for a few years to get rid of some of his junk (and bought a lot more) and I have been amazed at some of the items he has managed to sell (and buy).

I like to be well prepared, and with so much to get rid of I decided to read up on the subject – and Make Serious Money on EBay UK: The Bestselling Guide to Buying and Selling on EBay – and Beyond seemed to fit the bill.  It suggested I needed to experience eBay as a buyer first of all – I am now pleased to say that my broken Kenwood CD and record players have been replaced and good feedback given both ways.  Now I can look at selling something.

The first to go is a box of about 200 Marvel and DC comics I’ve had since I was a teenager.  I have read these several times over and always planned to read them again, but never had the time. They are definitely in the “too good to give away” category.  I’ve looked at what other eBay sellers have done and most seem to place them as “Buy Now” items rather than auctions – but when I used the advanced search and looked at one or two completed items I found that very few had sold.  So, at least for the first few comics I’ll put them on as auctions and see what happens.  I’ve checked out the postage and packing costs, both online and at the post office, and ordered a box of hard backed envelopes to send them out in.

Another recommendation is to be open and honest about what is being sold – extra pictures of the comics should help but it costs extra to add them to each posting.  What I can do instead is put the pictures on another web site and include a link to them (within certain rules).  Now can you guess why I wrote this posting? 

The Box of Comics, Openned! A closeup of the comics showing what condition they are in. Just some of the Marvel and DC comics from the box.

As you can see the comics are in good condition, if not perfect.  They have been read and enjoyed but well looked after.  You can find me at

Anyway, I’ll get them all put on eBay along with as many other bits and bobs as I can bare to sell.  And I will add a couple more postings to let you know how I get on and what I do with “all that serious money” (hmmm) – and the extra space.  More handbags, probably!

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