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Why so many “Incomming Links” in my Laptop WordPress? Doh!

Ok, so my genius has gone on holiday for the week!

When I first came across WordPress I tried it out on my Laptop – IIS 5.1, PHP and MySQL (more posts on related problems later). Nice. Everything worked.

Then, I looked at the Dashboard in more detail – amazing, I’ve only just set the blog up and already there are loads of Incoming Links. But they are nothing to do with my blog… I ignored them after looking at the first couple.

Now I have installed WordPress on my ISP server and published it, I noticed that there were no links so far (or comments, etc.) but I just dismissed it.

I just realised what the problem was. The URL of my local WordPress is http://localhost/blog – and strangely all the Incoming Links reference http://localhost.


So I’ve now changed the URL to be my full host/domain name and, funnily enough, no Incoming Links.

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