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Kajabity Tools for C# is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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GitHub Repository

The sources for Kajabity Tools for C# are hosted on GitHub at the following location:

Version 0.3

This release adds a Windows SDI Form and Document classes.

Added Features

  • Added SDI Form and Document classes.
  • Added sample applications.

Defects Fixed

  • Fixed a bug in CSV Writer where it didn’t update ‘escapeChars’ when the separator was changed. As a result, CsvWriter.Separator is now a property rather than a member variable.

Other Changes

  • Some tidying up and improvements to comments and documentation.
  • Added a few more NUnit tests.


Version Date Size Download
0.3 9th October 2015 344K Kajabity

Version 0.2

In this release I've added CSV file handling, fixed a bug in JavaPropertiesReader and introduced some NUnit tests in a separate project.

Added Features

  • CsvReader – a class to read comma separated values (CSV) from a Stream . The class can either read an entire file or one field or record at a time.
  • CsvWriter – a class to write comma separated values (CSV) to a Stream . The class can either write an entire file or one field or record at a time.

Defects Fixed

  • Duplicate Handling – Fixed an error which caused an exception when a duplicate property was read in JavaPropertiesReader. Adding a duplicate key will now set the key's value to the last one read from the file.

Other Changes

  • Kajabity Tools.Test project – contains a number of NUnit test classes to test the Java Properties and CSV classes. The project also includes a number of sample “.csv” and “.properties” files.


Version Date Size Download
0.2 6 th February 2014 172K Kajabity

Version 0.1

This is the first released version with the following features: -

  • JavaProperties – a class providing similar functionality to the Java Properties class. Based on Hashtable , it stores a collection of String Key/Value pairs. It is able to load and store the properties to and from a Stream .

Known Defects

The following defects have been identified in this version of Kajabity Tools:

  • Duplicate properties cause an exception to be thrown.


Version Date Size Download
0.1 1 st December 2009 80K Kajabity